In a video.. Zainab Gharib reveals the details of her being harassed


“The incident of the veterinarian… What happened? Why did you speak now? And how did the format of transmitting the news and searching for traffic at the same time support harassment?” .. This is what the Egyptian actress Zainab Gharib wrote on her Instagram account yesterday evening, Saturday, attached to her comment in a video she spoke about an incident harassment that have been subjected to.

The young actress appeared to her followers with a video of about 9 minutes, explaining the issue of harassment that she had been subjected to for a while,

Story details

She added that she was walking downtown, at 9 am, after visiting her friend, when she heard the sound of footsteps behind her. And she said, “At first, I thought that someone was walking on the same road, the road was empty, meaning. Then I started to get scared, and before I got to the car, I looked behind me and saw someone holding a mobile phone and taking a picture of me.”

She continued, stressing that she was very angry and revolted, holding the man by his shirt, and asking him to show her the phone, after she was sure that he was filming her. The latter tried to escape, but she caught him well, and then people swept around her. Then she said that the security men came and caught him and took him to the police station.

Gharib said: “The police opened the mobile and found 3 pictures of her of different sizes.”

She indicated that she gave her statement in the prosecution for 8 hours, and she discovered that he was a veterinarian and a meat quality controller, and he is also married.

She also revealed that his mother asked her to change her words and drop the case, offering money, begging her not to let him be imprisoned.

anger at the press

Gharib also expressed her anger at the press and the way they dealt with what she was exposed to, saying: “What made me angry more is that the press took old photos of me at a festival or on Red Carpet and workers I published under it, “Think me a buffalo” to supply the torch and the goods and answer many advertisements without any Someone would bring me back, and when I read the coments, I was crying.”

She concluded by confirming that Harassment is a crime And you should not stand in the side of the harassers, pointing out that many girls were harassed, but they remained silent for fear. She revealed that it was not the first incident in which she was subjected to harassment, but rather a previous incident at the age of 12.


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