In pictures, an Egyptian expert: Ethiopia is racing against time to raise the middle passage in the Renaissance Dam by 30 meters



Posted on: Thursday, June 3, 2021 – 7:09 am | Last update: Thursday, June 3, 2021 – 7:09 am

Abbas Sharaki, professor of water resources at Cairo University, said that “Ethiopia is racing against time to raise the middle passage in the Renaissance Dam by 30 meters until it reaches the storage of 18.5 billion cubic meters of water.”

In an exclusive statement to RT, Dr. Al-Sharaki explained that “some pictures on social media from the dam site show the height of the middle passage by about 4 meters, and the size of the dam’s lake is still fixed at 5 billion cubic meters, as the amount of rain water (50 million cubic meters in May) roughly equals the exit from the two upper gates.

He pointed out that “the volume of the lake is expected to gradually increase over the coming weeks, with an increase in rainfall that reaches 200 million cubic meters per day by the end of this month, and an increase in the lake’s reserves by about half a billion cubic meters, and about 6 billion cubic meters during July.”

He added, “In the event that the entire middle corridor is raised by 30 meters at a level of 595 meters above sea level, another 7 billion cubic meters will be reserved until mid-August, after which the middle corridor will be flooded, as happened last year, so that the entire flood will pass from this date to Sudan. And Egypt, in addition to the water that will pass from the two turbines if they are operational in August.

He added: Ethiopia is racing against time to raise the middle corridor by 30 meters to reach a storage of 13.5 billion cubic meters, in addition to the five billion stored from last year, bringing the total storage to 18.5 billion cubic meters, and it is expected that another 3 billion cubic meters will be lost as a result of evaporation and leakage in voids and cracks “.

He believed that “Ethiopia may not be able to completely raise the middle corridor, and the closest to it is only about 15 meters high, with a storage capacity of about 7 instead of 13.5 billion cubic meters.”

He stressed that “storage without an agreement, whether one billion cubic meters or more, is rejected by Egypt and Sudan, and the United States of America, through its envoy for the Horn of Africa, Jeffrey Feltman, who is currently in a round of talks in Qatar, the UAE and Kenya, is trying to discuss the Renaissance Dam crisis and return to the table.” Negotiations in order to reach an agreement before the real storage, the first of next July.”

And he added, “It seems that this tour focuses on the issues of the Horn of Africa first, then the Renaissance Dam, as was his first exploration tour a few weeks ago.”

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