In the manner of Ibrahim Al-Abyad..They slaughtered “Abdo” in a butcher’s shop in Al-Iskan


Alexandria – Mohamed Amer:

In the manner of the movie “Ibrahim Al-Abyad”, a heinous murder took place inside a butcher’s shop in the Abu Suleiman market in the Raml area, east of Alexandria, as 6 people slaughtered a vegetable seller with “knives and blades” and tore his body, in retaliation for him one month before his wedding, due to previous disputes.

Last Sunday, a second report was received to the Raml Police Department about a brawl in the Abu Suleiman market in the department’s district, and one person was killed and two injured.

The police department’s investigation officers, at the head of a security force, accompanied by an ambulance, moved to the Al-Balagh site, and the examination revealed the presence of the body of “Abdul Rahman A.M.,” 22, a vegetable seller, known as “Abdo,” amid a pool of blood.

Meanwhile, “Ahmed.M.M.”, his nephew, and “Ahmed.A.M.” – who happened to be at the scene of the incident – were injured, and they were taken by ambulance to the hospital to receive the necessary treatment.

Investigations revealed that the perpetrators of the incident were “Mahmoud R.J,” 25 years old, a student at the Institute of Tourism and Hotels, his brother “Jaber,” 18, an alumetal worker, and “Mohammed J.A.,” 43 years old, a conch worker. Jaber H.S., 30, a factory driver, and Muhammad H.S., 25, a tuk-tuk driver, and Ahmed M.F., due to previous disputes between them.

crash accident

Days before the incident, disputes between the two parties began when a tuk-tuk driven by the first accused collided with the car of the fiance, the niece of the victim, Ibrahim I., according to what “Amal.AM” the victim’s sister recounted in the report.

She added that the two parties disagreed on the value of the compensation due as a result of the damage caused by the tuk-tuk to the car, which led to the beating of each other.

The victim’s sister indicated that the first accused sought the assistance of his two brothers and went to her place of residence, and they broke the door of her apartment and attacked her two daughters, “Nora and Aya” – according to the record.

The disputes did not stop there, as the three brothers used others from their friends and assaulted the two sons of the victim’s niece, which prompted her to write several records of these facts against them.

According to the statements of the victim’s sister in the police report, the defendants threatened her to force her to give up those records written against them, but she did not respond to them, which prompted them to take revenge.


Amal thought that the defendants’ threats to her and her family were just words of anger, and neither of them would dare touch them, without knowing that they were determined and intended to kill her brother and son.

The defendants prepared their weapons to implement what they planned, extended their influence in the region and demonstrated their dominance over everyone, relying on their fame in the field of criminality.

When asked, “Atef.A”, the victim’s brother, he said that the aforementioned defendants used a person called “M.H.S.” to monitor the movements and whereabouts of his brother, the victim, and inform them.

“Abdo is on the vegetables in the market.” This is how the fifth defendant told the rest of the defendants where the victim was, so that they moved towards him with knives in their possession.

Butcher shop

“I was surprised by his servant, Olya entered the shop and asked for help,” 19-year-old Yusef R.A., a salesman in a butcher’s shop, said, noting that at the same moment he was surprised by four unknown people who entered behind Abdo the butcher’s shop carrying weapons “Saif, Tira, and Bumpers.” steel” and took turns attacking him, intending to kill him.

The defendants also infringed on “Ahmed.M.M.M.” and “Ahmed.L.M.K.”, who were present at the scene of the incident, as a result of which they were injured in various parts of the body.

pool of blood

“Amal” rushed to the sound of screaming to find her brother lying on the ground, drenched in a pool of blood, while the ambulance crews confirmed that he had breathed his last and died.

Next to her is the son of a shop owner in the market, and an eyewitness, who said: “The accused intended to come at a late hour so that the movement of pedestrians would be calm and they knew the whereabouts of his servant.”

torn body

A second administrative report No. 5286 of 2021 was issued in Al-Raml in the incident, and the Deputy Public Prosecutor moved to the ambulance morgue in Kom El-Dikka to debate the body of the victim.

The prosecution’s examination described the corpse as “wheatish-skinned, with black head hair, an unshaven beard and moustache, and wearing a black T-shirt with dark blue track pants underneath.”

When examining the body, it was found that there was a large wound on the bottom of his head from the back, a large wound in the middle of his neck on the right side, and two wounds on his left arms, one on the elbow and the other at the end of the forearm – according to investigations by the Public Prosecution.

Surveillance Cameras

The Public Prosecution decided to assign a forensic doctor to perform an autopsy on the dead body to determine the cause of death and how it happened.

Subsequently, the Public Prosecution received a flash memory from the department’s investigation unit, containing a video clip captured from surveillance cameras installed in the butcher shop where the incident occurred, showing the moment the defendants assaulted the victim.

Statements of the accused

By questioning the defendants from the first to the fifth in the investigations, they denied the accusations attributed to them and decided that there were previous differences between them and the victims, as an argument took place between women from the two families – they said.

They added that on the day of the incident, they all went to the scene of the incident to collect a sum of money from one of their relatives, who lives in the location of the incident, and they carried knives if they went for fear of an attack on them as a result of previous disputes.

The defendants indicated in their statements before the Public Prosecution that they had met the victim and his sister’s son, and a quarrel broke out between them with knives, and they did not intend to kill him.

The Public Prosecution ordered the detention of the suspects for 4 days pending investigation, provided that the renewal of them within the legal time is taken into account, and requested the investigations of the supplementary investigations about the role of the fugitive accused “Tariq J.L.”

Anger at social media

The incident spread widely on social media, as “Abdos” friends launched more than one hashtag under the titles “Abdos right must return”, “A groom in heaven, God willing” and “A report to the Attorney General”.

Meanwhile, more than one group has been created on the social networking site “Facebook”, carrying pictures of the victim, to demand retribution from the accused and charge them with murder.

Amid chants of “Goodbye, my servant” and “There is no god but God”, hundreds of people took the body of the victim to his final resting place in his family’s cemetery, demanding just retribution from the perpetrators.

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