In the name of Morsi and Zamalek.. the clearing reveals the player’s position


Bakri Selim, CEO of the Misr Clearing Team, revealed that Mohamed Abdel Salam, president of Al-Fayoumi Club, insisted on resigning due to his illness, because he was used to making maximum efforts in his position, which he would not be able to do in light of his illness, adding that it was decided to appoint Mohamed Abdel Salam. Honorary president of the clearing house for life, provided that Ahmed Howaidi will be the acting president of the club’s board of directors.

Regarding Bassem Morsi’s position and the offer he received from Zamalek, Bakri said in statements to the Evening On program on the Time Sport channel, that Bassem Morsi almost retired before joining the clearing, but with the team he became the top scorer in the league, and if Zamalek asked to include any player, we would not stand against the desire of our players, Especially since we stand at the same distance from all the clubs, but there is no official communication from Zamalek to request the name of Morsi, and in the end we do not stand in the way of any player who wants to leave Egypt clearing. And theSelim confirmed that the clearing house is suffering from a severe financial crisis that has led to the non-disbursement of the team’s players’ dues so far.


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