In the photo – Get to know Edward’s sister and his mother.. You will not believe the formal match with him!


The Arab public is usually interested in the lives of their fans of artists and artists, especially with regard to their personal lives, which they are always keen to keep away from the spotlight, such as getting to know their family members in order to investigate the similarities between the artist and his family members, as there are Arab stars and stars who are considered a “replica”. From their mothers, fathers or even their brothers.

Unlike a number of stars who prefer to publish a lot of photos and videos through their official accounts on social networking sites, share them with their fans and followers, and attach them to influential messages that express the extent of love and the close ties that bring them together with their family.

Among the most prominent of these is the Egyptian star.”EdwardWhich was posted on his official account on the website.Instagram“A family photo that witnessed his appearance with his mother and sister and her two daughters, and what was remarkable in that photo was the artist’s formal match with his sister and mother, and this is what the followers comments focused on.

A family photo witnessing the artist’s emergence”EdwardWith his mother, sister and daughters

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On the other hand, he succeeded Edward This year in season Ramadan 2021 In presenting two completely different roles from each other, as he participated in two works in the last Ramadan race, where he embodied the role of Mayor “Hasib” in Offspring of Strangers series For the two stars, Ahmed El-Sakka and Amir Karara, as he presents a pivotal role in the series and represents the node on which the sequence of events depends.

Offspring of Strangers series Written and directed by Mohamed Sami, starring: Ahmed El Sakka, Amir Karara, Mai Omar, Diab, Imad Ziada, Ferdous Abdel Hamid, Diab, Naglaa Badr, EdwardAhmed Malik, Ahmed Dash, Menna Fadali, Mohamed Mahran, Mohamed Gomaa, Reem Sami, Malak Ahmed Zaher, Hadeer Abdel Nasser, Salwa Othman, Ahmed Fahim, Inaam Al-Jritly, Hamdi Heikal, Ahmed Majid, Marwa El-Azaly, Basant El-Sabky.

Either in “Covid 25 series” Foot Edward The character of “Saif”, the malevolent doctor who hates the hero of the work, Youssef Al-Sharif, and with the development of events, we discover their old friendship. Big between the two characters he presented Edward This year in Ramadan in terms of the nature of the two roles and how well Edward has mastered them.

The “Covid 25” series, starring Youssef El Sharif, Ahmed Salah Hosni, Aiten Amer, andEdward, Enas Kamel, Randa El-Behairy, Mido Adel, Amir Salah El-Din, Mirna Nour El-Din, Diana Hisham, Islam Jamal, Zaki Fatin Abdel-Wahhab, Imad Rashad and other stars, written by Engy Alaa, directed by Ahmed Nader Galal and produced by Synergy.

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