In the video.. he jumped from Raouche rock and died instantly – site news – follow-up


Video footage showed the death of a young man after he jumped from the Raouche rock in Beirut into the sea, where he collided with a small boat.

The footage, which spread widely among the pages of social networking sites, shows some people trying to draw the young man’s attention before jumping, but the distance and his failure to see the small boat prevented the accident.

The young man’s body hit the boat, which happened to pass through the tunnel under the rock.

Lebanese newspapers reported that the young man was called “Fahd Ibrahim” from the city of “Hajin” in the countryside of “Deir ez-Zor” governorate in Syria, adding that the body of the young man was transferred to Rafic Hariri Governmental Hospital.

It is noteworthy that the Raouche Rock is a famous Lebanese tourist attraction, and it consists of two large rocks close to the shore of the Raouche area, in the West Beirut Sea.



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