In the video, Ola Ghanem returns to Egypt after an absence of 4 years, madam


Social media pioneers shared the star’s first video clip Ola Ghanem In Egypt, after an absence of 4 full years she spent with her family in America, Ola appeared in a hairdressing salon, and said that she returned to Egypt to “set her hair”.

Ola Ghanem
Ola Ghanem has been absent from Egypt for 4 years

Ola said, in a video clip that was first published on the hairdresser’s private account on the Instagram website: My grocery is 4 years away from my country and I came back to straighten my hair.

Ola Ghanem appeared in the video, preserving her old beauty with few signs of time on the face, and according to speculations circulated on social media, Ola will not participate in new works of art while she is in Cairo, but will devote herself to the preparations for the marriage of her daughter Camelia to the son of one of the most famous businessmen. in Egypt.

It is noteworthy that she presented 17 films for Egyptian cinema, between absolute starring and supporting roles, and only the films “Lawyer Khula’” and “Sahar Al-Layali” succeeded, while the rest of her films failed to achieve revenues, including Said Clackett, Princess, Ahases, The Academy, Sayyad Al-Yamam, without censorship. This country has a government, feminine moments, monsters who fell from you, a difficult task, full of descriptions, a generous harem, Ashtata Ashtout, the end of the world, and the last of them is the movie “The Hotel”.

On the other hand, Ghanem has succeeded greatly in television drama and has proven her presence since she presented her famous role in the series “Places in the Heart” with the star Tayseer Fahmy, and she added to her career 22 series, the most famous of them are Hearts, Cream and Honey, Awan Al-Ward, Crown Prince, Bucharest Talks, Good Mood, Wife The second, the fourth wife, Ibn Mott, Abdel Aziz Street, Shame, Al Hara, Places in the Heart, Morning and Evening Hadith, Moon Face, Ziznia, Danger Bridge, Mulberry Leaf, Abu Girls, Blood Chain, Seven Girls, Shadow of the President.

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