In the video, Ramy Jamal reveals the spread of vitiligo throughout his body and advises the injured, madam


Egyptian singer Ramy Gamal participated for the first time in the celebration of the International Day of Vitiligo, as one of the most famous sufferers in Egypt, and presented the first video clip in which he revealed the spread of vitiligo spots in all parts of his body, pointing out that he was subjected to psychological treatment to live with the disease, because there is no organic treatment.

Ramy Jamal published the video through his account on the Instagram website, and initially said that he used to not talk about any topic outside the framework of art, but he received hundreds of messages about how he dealt with vitiligo, and for this he decided to go out in a video clip, and added: I do not like to talk I need something other than art, but I get very many questions about the treatment of vitiligo, and I always reply to them in private messages. I did not treat vitiligo, but I treated myself from it with your support.”

He continued, “All the people supported me from my friends in the artistic community, and my family, and vitiligo emerged as an advantage, not a defect, because I saw great love because of it, vitiligo is present in every part of my body.”

Rami continued, saying: As you see vitiligo, I am financially handy, and in every part of my body, and I used to have a point in my body that I would watch, and I would still be very sad and upset, especially if there were people in the beginning, so I thought it was contagious and she was afraid to deliver, but The truth is vitiligo is an immune disease that has not yet found a cure in science.

He said: I send a message to any mother whose son has vitiligo, try to support him that he has an advantage that no one else has, and it is possible that vitiligo is also growing in his body, but what is the problem?

He continued: I work as a singer, and my appearance is very important in my work, and I do not see vitiligo as a defect, and I do not care about people who see that this is a defect, and may God give all people the ability to accept affliction.

It is noteworthy that Ramy Jamal shocked his fans and a large number of colleagues in the artistic community in 2019 after announcing that he had vitiligo through all his platforms on social media, stressing that he was no longer able to hide the disease and at the same time he could not bear some people avoiding him just by seeing vitiligo spots, thinking that the disease He is contagious, and indicated that he has two options: either to complete his artistic career, provided that people accept him in this situation, or to retire permanently.

Rami confirmed that he had contracted the disease a while ago, but it was not noticeable, and then it began to spread in his body in a rapid manner, which made some people resent him and refuse even to extend a hand to greet him. And by detection, I knew that it was Vitiligo, and I tried many types of treatment and many doctors, and there was no benefit.

And he added: I accepted and handed my command over to God because I knew that the anger provided him, the sufficiency of my job, its difficulty, and the constant worry about the future, and in fact it increased to the point where it caught the attention of many people, who kept telling me how to deal with me while you are an artist and who is afraid to greet me and who asks me is this contagious.

Ramy Gamal’s attempts to hide vitiligo failed

And he continued: I am a grocer for a year. If I have a party or a photo shoot, I get tired of not seeing a way to hide it, to the point where I let people say I see another business that I do because people will not accept you like this, and I thought about their words frankly.

And he continued: I found that I have two solutions, oh, really, thank you so much for this job, despite my love for her and my lack of knowledge of others, oh either you don’t give up again and accept me with him and have mercy on all that our Lord has cursed them with from a look that his shape is strange, and thank God for the blessing of the parents because they are the only ones who accept the one As it is.

Stars support Ramy Gamal in his ordeal

Latifa Al-Tunisi commented: My love, Ramy, creator, respected, different. Don’t you think about this? The first thing you must say is praise be to God for every need. Always waiting for your new one.

And Iman Al-Assi supported him, saying: My love, Rami, you are stronger than anything, an artist, a talented person, a star, and all of this. There is no need for your success and your love for your art.

Zina wrote, through her personal account on Instagram: A respectable person, may God forgive you…Unfortunately, we are in a world that is not merciful, and people are difficult. I hope we try to have mercy in our hearts…You are a talented human being, perhaps I am not honored to know you, but my heart is with you and my consciousness is thinking that you are defeated. This is a normal disease. And may God forgive you and say praise be to God and many merciful people and consider me from your family and the human being with his talent, respect and morals only.

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