In the video, Sumaya al-Khashab’s way to get rid of anxiety in just 40 seconds, madam


The artist directed toxicity of wood Advice for girls to stop chasing men, stressing that they are the cause of “sadness.” She provided effective advice in the video, to get rid of anxiety and tension in just 40 seconds, which is dancing, pointing out that it frees women’s energy and psyche from pressures. Sumaya took advantage of this time on her Twitter platform and published a clip of one of her artworks while she was dancing in a private party, and commented: Treating depression and anxiety in 40 seconds.

Then she launched a second tweet, in which a clear hint that the man is the secret of the woman’s affliction, saying: Come on, dance, and untie him.

It is noteworthy that Sumaya began using her Twitter platform to direct advice to women only, most of which include direct criticism of the man, and she previously caused a sensation, when she clashed with the issue of “marital rape” that was raised in the events of the series “Newton’s Game” by the star Mona Zaki, and confirmed Somaya says that the marriage contract is “not enough” to force the wife to comply with her husband’s wishes. Somaya launched an angry tweet at the opinions that support Muhammad Farraj’s position on the character of Mounis, who insisted on obtaining his marital rights from his wife here and embodied by Mona Zaki, despite her refusal, and she said through her Twitter account: It is surprising that there are educated people or at least they have a degree of humanity And they say there is no such thing as wife rape. I am paying a dowry.. What is a dowry motive? What is a beast?

She added: No, I mean, no, whatever your character is, or who you are.

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