In the video, Tamer Hosni fulfills the dream of a girl with cancer, madam


achieve singer الم Tamer Hosny The wish of one of his fans, who was sick with a cancerous tumor, sang with him as her star, and he invited the 15-year-old girl only to his studio without her knowledge, claiming that she would undergo a singing test, and I was surprised by him inside the studio listening to her voice and sharing her singing.

Tamer Hosny
Tamer Hosny with fan Nada (screenshot of the video)

Tamer said in a video that he posted on his personal Facebook page: Nada, 15, is being treated for a cancerous tumor in her hand. She loves to sing for Tamer Hosni and her dream is to see and hear her voice, and Tamer, when he was known about her, hosted her in his studio and her work was a surprise.

While Muhammad Al-Qousi, founder of the “We Make Dreams Come True” page, one of the most famous Facebook pages to realize the dreams of its pioneers, published the full story of Tamer Hosni’s visit to the girl, saying: Nady, 15 years old, loves to sing and adores Tamer Hosni, and her dream was that she sees him and hears her voice. We communicated with the beautiful artist Tamer Hosni and he responded quickly and very welcome that he helps us realize Nadas dream, which is very big for her. He added: Tamer invited us to his house to record in his studio a duet with Nada, and we agreed that we would do this meeting as a surprise for Nada, who thought that we would go to Sawt’s studio first to rehearse in it before she meets her favorite star.

Tamer Hosni is preparing, during the coming period, to release his new movie, “Mesh Anna”, in Egyptian theaters, after it was postponed more than once due to the repercussions of the Corona virus. Actress Sawsan Badr, who is always keen to sit with her as long as possible and take care of her, as she is the focus of his life.

The movie “Mesh Anna” co-stars alongside Tamer Hosni, Maged El-Kadwany, Sawsan Badr, Hala Shiha, in addition to a large number of artists. The film is a story, script, and dialogue by Tamer Hosni, directed by Sarah Wafik, the film is a joint production between Synergy, Hossam Hosni and Ahmed Desouky. .

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