Including the newlyweds.. 3 people were killed in a wedding procession in Sharqia


10:22 PM

Thursday 10 June 2021

Books – Sameh Ghaith and Muhammad Sami:
Three people were killed, including two newlyweds, and a driver was injured, when a car overturned in a bank during a wedding procession in the Zagazig Center in Sharqia.
Major General Ibrahim Abdel Ghaffar, Director of Sharkia Security, received a notification from the Zagazig police station’s warden, that an angel’s car in the project bank overturned in front of Ezbet Siam, the center’s department. 21 years old – a factory worker, the bride “Sally R. A.” 18 years old, and her sister “Nora” 23 years old), while the driver of the car, and her niece “Aisha” 10 years old, all from Izbat Siam, were injured.
The initial examination revealed that while the victims were returning from the hairdressers in Zagazig city, on their way to the village, the driver’s steering wheel was broken and overturned in the bank.
liberated from the incident the necessary record and the prosecution took over the investigation.

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