Infuriated by a question about Putin, Biden reprimands a female journalist and apologizes


after finished Summit with the Russian President الرئيسAt the end of his press conference, US President Joe Biden attacked a reporter who asked him why he was confident that Putin would change his “malign behavior,” as he put it.

The story began during the president’s speech, when he stressed his commitment to work for the release of imprisoned Americans In Russia, a journalist turned around and told him, “I’m not sure he’ll change his behavior?!…What the hell..what are you doing all the time?”

When CNN reporter Caitlin Collins tried to speak, the president raised a finger and said, “When did I say I was confident? Let’s make things right…I said what would change his behavior if the world reacted to him and lowered his standing in the world…I’m not sure of anything, I’m just saying Truth”.

The journalist replied, “Since his previous behavior has not changed, and in the press conference after sitting with you for several hours, Putin denied any involvement in cyber attacks and downplayed human rights violations… How can we say that the meeting was constructive?”

“If you don’t understand that, you are in the wrong profession.”

Biden only told her, “If you don’t understand that, you’re in the wrong profession,” and then walked away from the podium.

However, the president later apologized for his tone with Collins, saying in a statement on the tarmac before boarding Air Force One that he should have been a “wise man.”

It is worth noting that after 4 hours of talks, the expected summit between US Presidents Joe Biden and Russian Vladimir Putin, which was held in a villa in Geneva, ended, and the two presidents left a joint statement declaring their intention to initiate a dialogue on strategic stability.

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