iOS 15.. New features coming to your iPhone during 2021


Yesterday, during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple revealed iOS 15, which is scheduled to arrive in the fall, and it is the next version of the iPhone operating system that brings with it many new features.

Perhaps the biggest update in iOS 15 is coming to FaceTime, to compete with many applications such as “Teams and Zoom” that appeared in the wake of the Corona virus, and it will now look and feel very similar to those platforms.

FaceTime users will be able to schedule calls for the first time, share links to join virtual gatherings, and links that will enable Android and Windows users to join FaceTime calls via a web browser – again first.

The other big change is something Apple calls “Focus.” This takes the Do Not Disturb feature and allows users to customize it further, with new focus features that block notifications from friends and family when they switch to work mode, or lock notes from colleagues when the user wants to. Spend quality time with loved ones.

Notification history has also been eliminated with the new “Summary” tool, which will group certain less urgent alerts together as a group and can be scheduled to receive when you have more time to browse them, and the Wallet app has also been expanded to now include home and hotel room keys, as well as office passes for the first time. Once, so that users can tap with their iPhone to enter.

iOS 15 helps users stay connected while sharing experiences in real time, gives them new tools to help reduce distraction and find focus, uses intelligence to improve the photo experience, and with massive upgrades to maps, it brings new ways to explore the world.


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