Issam El-Hadary sends a romantic message after the marriage of their daughter, Shadawi


Post a goalkeeper Egypt national team AndAlahli football club first Essam ElHadary, A picture of him and his wife Sabreen Reda, during their daughter Shadawi’s wedding, which was held in a famous hotel in Cairo a few days ago, in the presence of a group of sports and art stars.

Urban’s message to his wife

Al-Hadari sent a poetic message he wrote with the photo he shared with his followers, commenting on it, explaining: “In the life of each of us, an unknown soldier will be a support and a support and a support for him, but you, Umm Yassin, are the unknown and known soldier in my life and the life of our children.

And he clarified, “Yama, you endured because we risked it, and whatever I say to you, I do not understand your right.

Issam El-Hadary sends a romantic message after the marriage of their daughter, Shadawi

Al-Hadary celebrated the wedding of his daughter Shadawi, the talk of pioneers Social MediaShadawi’s name was also released to the search engine “Google” in the past few days, while the pioneers of the social media circulated pictures of the wedding ceremony, which was attended by Essam El-Hadary’s friends from the sports, artistic and media stars.

Shedwas look at her wedding

Shadawi appeared with a striking haircut, as she styled her hair in a ponytail, as well as many clips circulated through social networking sites.Facebook» The pioneers interacted with her with different comments.

Shahd, the daughter of former Egypt goalkeeper Essam El-Hadary, also appeared in a number of photos embracing the player Amr Warda, and she appeared in another photo embracing the famous YouTuber Amr Rady, telling him I love you in English.

As usual, during winning important matches, Al-Hadary appeared in a funny situation, celebrating with his daughter and dancing, while his wife appeared while she was steaming her daughter, the bride, “Shdawi”.


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