Jamal Suleiman regrets participating in “Zay Al Shams”, I was insulted, madam


star confirmed Jamal Suleiman, that his participation as a guest of honor in the series “Zay El Shams” by the star Dina El-Sherbiny, “a mistake that will not be repeated,” noting that he agreed to compliment a close friend, but he felt insulted after dealing with him without “appreciation,” and Soliman admitted that his participation in the series “Siddiq Al Omar” I was negatively affected by his Syrian accent, and he needed more rehearsals, and he expressed his pride in his latest series “Peacock”, reiterating his denial that the events were inspired by the famous “Vermont” case.

And Suleiman continued, during his hosting in the program One of the People, presented by the media Amr Al-Leithi and broadcast on Al-Hayat channel: I regretted my appearance in the series “Zay Al-Shams” as a guest of honor, and it was a mistake that I will not repeat because I found that my participation in the series was not appreciated, and when the series was shown, I found it extremely underestimated. .

Jamal Suleiman admitted that the performance in the series “Seddik al-Omar” was affected by his dialect, saying: My Syrian dialect betrayed me in the series “Seddik al-Omar” and affected the way the character of Gamal Abdel Nasser was reincarnated, and I learned something important in this series, that it is not right to produce a series the size of a friend of age as if it were a series. Ordinarily, this quality requires twice the budget and times the time. We are talking about a great personality like Gamal Abdel Nasser.

He continued: The problem was not that I could not speak, but that the actors did not have enough time for rehearsals, and this does not mean that I am very proud of this series; Because it dealt with an area and angle in the life of the leader Gamal Abdel Nasser that no one has addressed before, and it is the last thing written by the great scriptwriter Mamdouh Al-Laithi, may God have mercy on him.

And about the secret of his success in the Upper Egypt roles, he said: The secret in being able to play the Upper Egyptians is that I was able to understand the codes of the Upper Egyptians. Society in the Upper Egypt moves amid very precise codes inherited over the years and they have everything strict, and when I see the series Wolves of the Mountain, I feel its greatness because they were all able to decipher the codes.

Suleiman confirmed that the series “The Peacock” has nothing to do with the Vermont case, and said: I am moral and do not allow me to trade in people’s pain, and take advantage of their cause. He added that crimes of this kind are similar and intersect, and there are similar crimes in India and Pakistan, and the series discusses a phenomenon and not a private issue, and that the series is a fabric of the author’s imagination.

Jamal Suleiman continued, “I think that the social media is the reason for linking the series with the Vermont case, and that one of the lawyers placed the poster of the series next to the picture of the Vermont girl, and this is what made people link the series to the case.”

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