Jamila Awad: I defeated myself in the series “Civil War”


و .كدت Instead She presents, through “The Court”, a character that has not previously been dramatized and will be a surprise to the audience, such as her role in the series “Except I”, where she presented the role of a girl suffering from “vitiligo” within a story entitled “I must live”, and this role was not presented before in The Arab world.

Among the participants In the “court” Ghada Adel, Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni, Fathi Abdel-Wahhab, Salah Abdullah, Naglaa Badr, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, Karim Afifi, Mohamed Mahran, Ahmed Dash, Mayan El-Sayed, Arefa Abdel-Rasoul, Suleiman Eid, written by Ahmed Abdullah, and directed by Mohamed Amin.

Different rounds

Jamila explained in an exclusive interview with “Sky News Arabia” that the film takes place entirely in a “court” room and reviews a number of human stories from criminal and civil cases, personal status, rape, inheritance and sexual transformation, stressing that she has finished filming her role.

She added that although Drama Television has the greatest credit for her stardom, but the cinema also has a special place in her heart, and presents her with different looks to different audiences, so she is keen to choose her roles with great accuracy, regardless of the space of the role.

She also indicated that there are discussions to implement a second part of the movie “Hepta” after the great success of the first part, but no official agreement has yet been reached on the actual implementation.

Evil Tamara!

And about her controversial experience in the series “Civil War”, which was shown during the Ramadan 2021 drama season, Jamila said in exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia”: I was terrified while reading the role, and I do not hide that I hesitated before declaring my approval of it, especially since the character is completely different. About the nature of my personality, and in order to succeed in embodying this character with abnormal behaviors, I had to defeat my true personality and not make it appear during my embodiment of the character – Tamara -.

And she continued, “I read a lot about the behavior of evil characters and how they plan, think, plot and implement, as I knew a character who was actually close to this nature, and I benefited a lot from it indirectly.”

She explained, “What motivated me to go through Tamaras experience, despite my great fear, is that I love diversity in the Personalities I embody it for the audience, and this character is new to me, and I have not presented it before.”

She added that the audience’s reactions to the character of “Tamara” pleased her so much that he called her “evil 2021”, noting that there are no common characteristics at all between her and this character.

And about the most difficult scenes she faced while filming the series “Civil War”, she referred to the scene of her father’s death, and the scene of her confrontation with her mother, Maryam in the hospital, stressing that she had learned a lot from Actress Yousra Through her experience with her: “She was telling about many situations she was exposed to, whether as an artist or as a person, and her way of solving problems, so she benefited a lot on the technical and human levels by dealing with the artist Yousra during the scenes.”

Social sites darkened Yusra

Beautiful commented on criticism The artist Yousra was exposed to, when she went in the morning to mourn the late artist Samir Ghanem, and then the audience watched her in the evening dancing at one of the weddings, saying: “There are scenes that the audience does not know, sometimes a person is sad inside, but circumstances force him to make joy to compliment some or Even in order to ensure that he does not share his sorrows with him, and what happened with the artist Yusra comes in this context, for her participation in the funeral in the morning was a human duty, and the same with her participation in joy as a courtesy.. A person is not required to convey his sorrows with him in An occasion that does not bear sadness… But the social media wronged the artist, Yusra, when she placed the two pictures next to each other, and the artist appeared as if she had a double personality, and this is not true.. Those close to the artist, Yusra, know her personality perfectly.

Jamila added that “there was a person who told her one day that there were some people who paid him money to insult and attack her and criticize her representation in the series “Do Not Extinguish the Sun”, and that this situation affected her psyche greatly, especially as it reflects a degree of jealousy and hatred from some of her dealers, Therefore, I always rely on the reactions of the public in the street directly and do not pay attention to social media because it does not reflect reality, and it can reflect the desires of abnormal people!”

Ramadan competition

Finally, Jamila said that the competition in Ramadan This year, it was much stronger than previous years, due to the presence of a large number of strong series, and the presence of great stars loved by the audience, explaining that among the series that I have been keen to follow are “Civil War, Newton’s Game, Choice”.


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