Jana Amr Diab is not only a sufferer of ADHD.. Here are surprising facts you do not know about her


genieAmr diabShe is the fourth and youngest daughter of the Egyptian artist Amr Diab. Her news topped social networking sites, after announcing that she had a disorder.HyperactivityADHD, and panic disorder.

From Cairo to London

I was bornJana Amr DiabIn July 2001, she is the daughter of Egyptian artist Amr Diab from his ex-wifeZeina Ashour​.
She moved from Cairo at about the age of ten, to live with her mother in London.
In addition to her studies, she tries to make herself look different from her siblings, as she sells some of her clothes on a website, in order to prove herself.

Singing with her father

Jana Amr DiabShe is the most lover of music, among Amr Diab’s sons, especially as she was accompanied by him in London, while recording some of his albums, and this is what made her practice singing and enter the world of music, but in her Western form in terms of language and musical form.
She released her first song, “Mouth Taped Shut”, on her YouTube channel, and her father gave her the song Jana, and it was on the album “Shaft Al Ayam”, which was released in 2014.
And in the year 2020, she participated with the composerBilal Server​ by composing the song “Gamila” by her father, which was released on the album “Sahran”, and the collaboration did not end here, but she also participated in it, singing in English.

Attack and accusations

revealJana Amr DiabShe is very active on the communication sites, through her publications, some details of her life, for example, she always publishes pictures with an English young man named “Joshua”, whom she described in her comments as her lover.
On the other hand, she raises controversy and is attacked by followers, because of the videos she publishes. Earlier, she posted a video of her singing and in the background some bottles of alcohol appear, which made her under attack and caused her to be accused of not observing Arab traditions.
But Amr Diab justified what happened, noting that she only drinks water from the bottle, which she held in her hand.

Hyperactivity and panic disorder

In a post on her personal page on the social networking site, which she directed to her former school in London, she revealedJana Amr DiabShe fell ill, which caused her to be expelled from school.
She indicated that she suffers from academic problems, due to her hyperactivity disorder “ADHD” and panic disorder “Anxiety”, and they advised her to leave school after being diagnosed with this disease.
The reason for her distraction is the suffering of not delivering her homework on time, which causes her embarrassment among her colleagues.
She surprised her followers by saying in her post that her teachers were describing her as stupid, lazy and rebellious, instead of providing her support and directing her to do the right actions.

Tumors in the vocal cords

After announcing that she had ADHD and panic disorder, Jana Amr Diab surprised her followers with a statement on a program about the possibility of a tumor in the vocal cords, saying: “I am a very lively person, and I talk a lot and because of that I have voice problems, It’s a knot in the voice, as my vocal cords rub against each other, causing a cancerous tumor and sometimes I lose my voice.”

her life after school

After leaving her British school, Jana Amr Diab obtained a diploma in singing from a British university, and chose the academic path alongside her desire to become a musician.
In addition, she is studying English literature, and is trying to obtain a degree in sociology from two universities.

Zina Ashour supports her daughter

Jana Amr Diab’s mother directedZeina AshourA letter of support for her daughter after announcing that she suffers from hyperactivity disorder, ADHD and panic disorder.
Zina posted a video on her personal account on the social networking site, in which her daughter appears in a television interview about her suffering with the disease, and commented: “Your strength in showing yourself, regardless of anyone else’s opinion, is impressive. Well done Jojo by raising awareness and your confidence in yourself.” .


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