Job opportunities in the Nuclear Power Plants Authority (link and details)


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The Nuclear Power Plants Authority announced the opening of the door for appointments for a number of jobs and applications for them for a period of 3 weeks.

The Nuclear Power Plants Authority explained that all the details of the jobs can be known through Link next one:

The required specializations are as follows

1- Engineers with different specializations
(Protection – Planning – Equipment – Operation – Communication – Maintenance – Threat Analyzer – Quality – Safety – Computers – Protection Inspector – Safety Inspector – General Training Engineer – Operating Systems – Materials and Reagents – Maintenance Programs – Measurement Specialist – Systems Engineer Specialist Physics and Engineering Specialties Many others.

2 – Science specialist (graduate from faculties of science)

3- Legal affairs (lawyers)

4 – Medical Functions Group (Physicians)

5- accountants

6- Administrative development jobs (legal researcher – security specialist – administrative affairs specialist – public relations specialist – translator)

7- A group of office jobs (security delegates)

8 – Technical jobs (survey technician – health safety technician – nurse – secretarial – drivers – workers)

Submit by hand and withdraw the file at the headquarters of the Nuclear Power Plants Authority for Electricity Generation, Hisham Barakat Square, in Nasr City, Cairo.

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