Karim Al-Iraqi competes with Ragab Bakkar in “Mercato” Zamalek


Karim Al-Iraqi, the right-back of Al-Masry Al-Port Said, entered the circle of candidates to strengthen the right front of Zamalek in the new season with Rajab Bakkar, the back of Ceramica, provided that the technical staff of the white team, led by the French Patrice Carteron, decides the possibility of including one of them to strengthen the right front of Mit Oqba Castle in the new season. The Zamalek administration is holding consultations with the French coach, Patrice Carteron, the team’s technical director, about the team’s deals and requirements for the new season.

As the Moroccan Hamid approached blacksmithsZamalek player, from leaving the castle of Mit Oqba in the new season, where the club’s management will discuss with the French Patrice Carteron, the player’s position definitively during the coming period, in light of the quest to strengthen the head position with a new foreign striker, in addition to waiting for the position of the French coach to activate the clause to finally obtain the The efforts of the Tunisian Seif Al-Jaziri, from the Arab contractors or not, as Zamalek has the priority in contracting him permanently for 12 million pounds, after borrowing this season from the contractors for 8 million pounds.

The French coach is scheduled to resolve these files directly with Hussein Labib, President of Zamalek, during the next stage in light of the technical needs of the team in the next season, as Carteron is working to determine all his needs and his vision for the form of the team’s list in the next season, and Zamalek will wait for the possibility of marketing Haddad In the Moroccan league or not to decide the form of his departure, especially in light of his brilliance before during his loan period from Zamalek to Raja last season.

Zamalek is preparing to play its match against Aswan, which is scheduled to be held next Thursday evening, in the twenty-sixth round of the Premier League competition, which Al-Abyad ranked with 55 points, after playing 25 games, during which he won 16 matches and drew in 7 confrontations, while losing in two games and scoring His players scored 44 goals, while their goals conceded 18.


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