Karim Fouad’s agent reveals the developments of his transfer to Al-Ahly and the decisive step


John Edward, the agent of Karim Fouad, the star player loaned to Enppi, revealed the developments of the player’s transfer to Al-Ahly during the upcoming summer transfers, and John Edward said in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”: “There is a common desire between Al-Ahly and Karim Fouad to conclude a deal in the upcoming summer transfer period, but I I confirm that the player has not signed for the Red Castle yet.”

John Edward adds: “Karim Fouad wants to wear the Al-Ahly shirt at the end of the season, and Al-Ahly has a desire to sign him, but the decision is still in the hands of the Al-Nujoum Club, as he has the original right to the player because the two parties are bound by an extended contract, especially after Enppi withdrew from the deal.”

John Edward continued: “We prefer to postpone talking about the deal at the present time, pending the end of the season, clarity of vision, and taking the decisive step, which is to sit down to negotiate seriously with the two parties, reach a point of agreement and sign contracts, which is the most important step of all, and until reaching it, everything remains possible and undecided.”

Karim Fouad is one of the important solutions for Al-Ahly on the right front, after Ahmed Ramadan Beckham failed to prove himself in this position when he participated as an alternative to the main back, Mohamed Hani.

Well Karim Fouad In Enppi, on loan from the stars, the loan ends at the end of the current season, and Enppi has the right to buy the player permanently by activating the penalty clause, which is 15 million pounds.

Although Enppi was initially thinking of including the young player with the 15 million pound weapon, the recent weeks witnessed a decline in Enppi’s position due to Karim Fouad’s request to move to Al-Ahly, which made the Petroleum Club retract the player’s inclusion.


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