Khaled Eid: The ball company was a dream


The coach of Ghazl El-Mahalla team, Khaled Eid, praised his club’s experience in establishing a separate football company for the team.

Eid indicated, in exclusive statements to Yallakora, that the establishment of the ball company was a dream in Mahalla among the fans and players of the old club, saying: “It is the first football company in Egypt.”

The coach of Ghazl El-Mahalla drew attention to the fact that their ambition in the club is increasing day by day to bring the team to the position that befits it and the fans, adding: “The presence of the ball company and its management by old players headed by Ali Al Abbasi and the presence of Omar Abdullah and Khaled Karam will raise morale and ambition in contract With players at the highest level.

Eid concluded his statements by noting that his team benefited from the current hiatus and has great confidence in the players in the team to provide better results, performance and good results.


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