Khaled Youssef: Majed Al-Masry is the first candidate for “Welcome to Paris” | Video


Director Khaled Youssef said that the artist Maged Al-Masry is the first candidate to participate in his new movie “Welcome to Paris”, which he returns to the cinema after an absence of three years, and he has already expressed his initial approval to join the work.

In an online interview from Paris with the media, Khairy Ramadan, and the media, Karima Awad, on the “Cairo Talk” program on Al-Qahera Wal-Nas channel, Khaled Youssef explained that the film includes 4 Egyptian personalities, and stars, actors and actresses from Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and the Maghreb participate.

On the subject of the film, he said: “The film presents 3 models, a Saudi girl accused of human enslavement, which is torturing maids and preventing them from eating and resting, a French girl whose father is an Egyptian and accused of killing him, and a Lebanese woman accused of helping her French husband who belongs to ISIS in terrorist operations. The three meet by chance in the cell, A friendship develops between them.”

Khaled Youssef added that the film is a true story, and through the friendship of the three accused, we discover cases that he touched himself during his stay in France for two or three years.

The film is expected to start shooting next September, and three Saudi, Lebanese and Saudi companies will co-produce it, which will be announced at a press conference, according to Khaled Youssef.


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