Koki sarcastically responds to Van der Vaart: I remember him from Iniestas photo


Koke, the midfielder for the Spanish national team and Atletico Madrid, has responded to the strong criticism leveled by former Dutch playmaker Rafael van der Vaart against the “La Roja” team.

“Van der Vaart wants moments of glory and he is having them now,” Koke told Spanish radio station “Cobe”.

He added: “I saw him in the 2010 World Cup final, and here in the training center (Las Rozas) I remember him from a picture of Andres Iniestas goal against the Netherlands and next to him Van der Vaart, you have to respect him.”

The 29-year-old concluded: “Van der Vaart’s words will serve as a motivation for us, we will keep them to motivate us a little, we will not hang them in the dressing room, but we will keep them in our memory.”

Van der Vaart had made statements in which he criticized the performance of the Spanish national team, saying: “Spain is horrible, I hope the Netherlands will play against them in the euros playoffs.”

He continued, “There is nothing in this team, all they do is exchange the ball from side to side, and they do not even have a player who knows how to create a chance.”


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