Laila Elwi’s injuries while acting..a fall in the canal and a serious hand wound | Video


Actress Laila Elwi explained that the difficulties of acting for her are performing her scenes the way the director wants.

During her meeting with the media, Lamees Al-Hadidi on the “A Last Word” program on the ON channel, Laila Elwi said: “I love work, and it is difficult for you to imagine the need as what the director wants. Professor Mahmoud Hamida, he says in an ambulance, and I am not able to go to him. It was possible that something bad happened, God forbid, and they took me in the Arabic of Hisham Sri and Atef Al-Tayeb, may God have mercy on him, to the hospital to sew for me.”

And she added, “In a movie that came out and I no longer fell into the canal, and it was a daytime filming, and they sat drying me with all the driers of the world so that I could go to the completion of the shot. Any other difficulties, I don’t think of him.”


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