Lamborghini from fur .. Kim Kardashian surprised her followers with the latest fashion of her cars


A few months after reality TV star Kim Kardashian separated from rapper Kanye West, the American star surprised her fans, with a set of new photos and videos through her official account on the “Instagram” website, while she is taking a new photo session in front of her garage, With her luxury Lamborghini, covered in white fur, the same color and type of fabric she was wearing in the photos. To ask the audience: What is this?

Kim Kardashian promotes her new production with a fur Lamborghini

“Okay guys, look at the new Lambo Urus, it’s this SKIMS cover up is the comfy fabric from SKIMS. How beautiful it is. It’s comfy. Isn’t that the cutest thing ever? Gosh”. This is how Kim Kardashian announced a new line of her clothing brands SKIMS.

It was not only the photo session that dazzled her audience around the world, but the amount paid for those advertisements ignited tens of thousands of comments accusing her of stupidity, to pay an amount of more than $ 200 thousand, for completely useless fancies, while few liked it. With its unconventional idea.

Kim has published a set of photos of her completely covering her Lamborghini, in the same fabric as her new clothing line. The fur-like fabric covered not only the entire body of the car, but also the steering wheel, seats and other edges.

Kim launched a photoshoot for her, in which she appeared to be identical to the car. She was also seen wearing an outfit similar to the white fur car. To be the most important new means in the world of advertising. According to reports, we’re not actually sure if this is still legal on the street or not.


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