Lawsuit accuses iPhone and other Apple devices of infringing wireless patents


Apple has been hit by a lawsuit alleging that nearly all of its Wi-Fi and cellular-enabled products infringe a range of wireless communications patents, with the complaint filed in US District Court for the Western District of Texas, claiming that Apple products – such as iPhones and iPads – infringe Specific claims in 13 different patents owned by a company known as Smart Mobile, LLC.

Almost all patents share common specifications and many of them are part of a patent application filed in 1999, according to Apple Insider, while patents deal with wireless communication systems and devices that have voice and data communications capabilities, and devices that have the ability to Dynamically switch between wireless networks and devices that can connect to a server to improve their functionality.

It continues to target Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, specifically naming products from the iPhone 5S to the latest iPad Pro models, and the complaint also calls out some features of Apple’s wireless technology such as Multipath TCP (MPTCP) and MIMO.

The former allows the device to support the use of cellular networks and Wi-Fi networks simultaneously, while the latter uses a multi-antenna system to enhance wireless communication, and the lawsuit claims that Apple has knowledge of at least eight patents, in addition to several patent applications it has filed Smart Mobile, since the latter half of 2015.

At the time, the company attempted to sell its IP stock through the patent broker Global Technology Transfer Group, which contacted Apple about a potential sale. In the complaint, the plaintiff is asking for a jury trial, and is also seeking damages and an injunction. Permanent prohibition of Apple from manufacturing or selling the allegedly infringing products, and other calls for relief.


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