Learn about Najib Al-Rihani’s first girlfriend and the reason why he did not marry her on the anniversary of his departure


The life of the late artist Najib Al-Rihani is full of drama and human moments, and today, Tuesday, June 8, is the anniversary of his departure, and we reveal the first love story in his life for a girl who was the reason for his entry into the world of art.

Najib Al-Rihani loved the artist Salha Qasin in his youth and was associated with her before he worked in the cinema. Without her, we would not have Najib Al-Rihani the artist, as she is the one who pushed him to work in art and changed his path from a humble job to a first comedian star in Egypt.

Salha Qaseen, the first girlfriend of Najib Al-Rihani
Salha Qaseen, the first girlfriend of Najib Al-Rihani

Najib Al-Rihani in his memoirs described her as his first love, and he only hinted at her saying: “Ms. “Ms.” heartbroken, which means Salha Qaseen, Najib Al-Rihani’s love for her ignited the fire of jealousy inside him, so he was jealous of her fans and anyone approaching her, which caused problems There were many between them, so that he chased her everywhere she went, and one time she found him kissing the hand of a French woman, and a big fight broke out between them.

The love story between Salha Qassin and Najib al-Rihani did not culminate in marriage because of the difference in religion between them. Salha al-Rihani is a Jew, Najib al-Rihani is a Christian, and his father, Elias Rihana, works in the horse trade and is of Iraqi nationality.


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