Learn about the position of the injured in Al-Ahly from Tunisia’s trip to the Esperance match


The countdown has begun for Al-Ahly’s upcoming trip to Tunisia to play the Esperance match in the African Champions League semi-final, and the Al-Ahly fans are waiting for the injured in the Red Castle to participate in the match against Esperance in the match in which the Red Genie is looking to achieve a good result that facilitates his mission in the return meeting in Cairo.

In the following report, we shed light on the position of the injured in Al-Ahly from Tunisias trip to face Esperance.

Q: What about the date of Al-Ahly’s travel and the Esperance match in Tunisia?

A: Al-Ahly has set 4:00 p.m. next Tuesday as a date to travel to Tunisia on a private plane to play the Esperance match, which will be held on June 19.

Q: Who are the injured in Al-Ahly currently?

A: The injured are: Mahmoud Metwally, Mohamed Mahmoud, Taher Mohamed Taher, Mohamed Hani and Mohamed Mahmoud, in addition to minor injuries suffered by the duo Salah Mohsen and Akram Tawfiq in the Olympic team friendly yesterday against South Africa.

Q: What is the position of these injured people on the Tunisia trip?

A: Mohamed Magdy Afsha is almost ready to participate in the Esperance match, after he recovered from an ankle injury. As for Mahmoud Metwally, who suffered from a strain in the background, he will not join the trip. The same applies to Mohamed Hani, who suffers from a strain in the front and it was confirmed that he did not travel to Tunisia.

As for Mohamed Mahmoud, he needs about two weeks to return to group training after a long period of absence to perform two cruciate ligament surgeries and a third knee surgery.

As for Taher Mohamed Taher’s position, he suffered minor pains during the current Olympic team camp and will be ready for the Tunisia trip.

Q: Will Salah Mohsen and Akram Tawfiq join Al-Ahly’s trip to Tunisia?

A: According to the assurances of the medical staff, Salah Mohsen and Akram Tawfiq suffered a minor injury in the friendly with the Olympic team yesterday, and the duo will be ready for the Tunisia trip.


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