Learn about Zamalek’s position on Haddad’s fine after the “FIFA” ruling


An official source in the Zamalek club revealed the club’s position on the fine of the Moroccan striker Hamid Haddad, as he clarified that so far this fine has not been paid, but that it will be prepared in the coming period to be sent before the end of the deadline, after the Dispute Resolution Committee of the International Football Association “FIFA” decided Accepting the requests of the Moroccan Al-Hasani Al-Jadida Defense Club, in its complaint against Zamalek, regarding the Moroccan club’s percentage in the loan deal of Hamid Haddad, the current white team player, to the ranks of Moroccan Raja last season, without the Al-Hasani defense receiving the due percentage of that loan

The decision of the Dispute Resolution Committee came to fine Zamalek an amount of 30 thousand euros as a bonus due to the Moroccan club, in addition to an interest of 5% annually from the date of August 19, 2019 until the date of payment, because the Moroccan club did not obtain their percentage in the player loan deal. Hamid HaddadAnd the same source confirmed that this fine will be paid before the middle of next month, after the Dispute Settlement Committee set the payment deadline for 45 days, and in the event of Zamalek’s delay in payment, penalties that may reach to stop the registration in the new season, with the escalation.

The Zamalek club had received an official notification from the Moroccan Football Association to summon Hamid Haddad, the club’s first football player, in preparation for joining the Moroccan national team camp for the locals from June 3 to 11 of the same month, and thus the player was absent from the team in the last period on To join the team at the beginning of next week.


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