Led by Afsha 5 stars who are deprived of the 6-day vacation in Al-Ahly .. Get to know them


The injury deprived five of Al-Ahly club’s stars from enjoying the six-day vacation that their colleagues obtained in Ferman from South Africa, Betso Musimani, the technical director of the team, starting from Friday. To the club’s headquarters to follow up on the implementation of their rehabilitation programs to recover from the injuries they sustained in the recent period.

The x-rays that Mohamed Magdy underwent proved that Afsha is a game maker Al-Ahly, His suffering from panic in the inner ligament of the ankle, which he suffered during the Moroccan Berkane Renaissance match in the African Super, while Mohamed Hani, the right back of the Red Genie, suffers from a strain in the front muscle that he suffered in the same match.

While Walid Suleiman, the Al-Ahly playmaker, was subjected to a slight tension in the origin of the front muscle, during the friendly match that the Red Genie fought with his Egyptian counterpart for the friendly insurance, while Mahmoud Metwally, the defender of Al-Ahly, complained of a strain in the back muscle during his participation in the friendly Egypt Insurance, and sonar rays are being conducted to determine the size His injury and the chances of him participating in training during the next stage.

Meanwhile, Al-Ahly midfielder Mohamed Mahmoud is still in the rehabilitation stage from a knee cartilage injury after recovering from the Corona virus, after he crossed the recovery journey from a cruciate ligament injury twice.

Al-Ahly will resume its training at the Touch Stadium on the island next Thursday, after the end of the scheduled negative rest, and Al-Ahly is preparing to face Esperance of Tunisia on June 19, in the first leg of the semi-finals of the African Champions League.

Al-Ahly drew 2-2 in a friendly match with Misr Insurance, in the match that was held yesterday, Thursday, at Al-Teach Stadium on the island.


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