live broadcast | Watching the friendly match between France and Bulgaria today 8/6/2021


The Stade de France will host a friendly match between France and Bulgaria, on Tuesday evening, June 8, in preparation for the European Football Championship “Euro”, which will start on June 11 this month.

Koura 365 offers its followers to watch the France vs Bulgaria match, live broadcast today, with the start of the scheduled start whistle at 10:10 pm Mecca time, that is, nine and ten minutes Cairo time, and the confrontation will be broadcast live on the BN Sport HD1 Premium channel with a performance My voice is for commentator Amer Al-Khudiri.

France, the 2018 world champion, managed to win its first friendly match against Wales by three clean goals, a few days before this match.

The French roosters include a distinguished battalion of highly experienced players inside the green rectangle, where they will enter the match with full force in order to win and there is no alternative to that, but all of them will fight to prove themselves to reserve a seat in the starting lineup for France and the list that will compete in the euro and the upcoming benefits.

While Bulgaria is aware of the opponent’s difficulty and strength, but will fight fiercely to present a strong match worthy of him, he is preparing for the World Cup qualifiers for the European continent qualifying for Qatar with high concentration, after he failed to be present in the euro.


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