Liverpool reserve reservations about Mohamed Salah’s participation in the Tokyo Olympics


Press reports revealed that the English club Liverpool has a reservation about the participation of Mohamed Salah Midfielder for the team with the Olympic team in the Olympic Games scheduled for the end of July in Tokyo, Japan.

The English newspaper “Sun” said that Liverpool had reservations about Mohamed Salah’s participation in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, explaining that the English club sent a response to the Egyptian Football Association to join Mohamed Salah’s request and expressed his regret at sending the player to Japan, claiming that the team’s wing needed rest. After a long and hard season in various competitions.

The newspaper indicated that the Liverpool club indicated in its letter to the Football Association that it would consider the request of the Jabalia about this situation, but that it would most likely be Mohamed Salah’s departure from the Olympics, in the final response that he would send within days.

And Shawky Gharib, the technical director of the Egyptian Olympic team, puts Mohamed Salah at the top of the big players he wants to include in the Olympic team in Tokyo, in light of the great achievements the player has achieved globally and to benefit from his experiences, as Shawky Gharib wants to achieve an Olympic medal.

A source close to Mohamed Salah revealed that he wants to participate in the Olympics in order to achieve more records by participating in the Olympics for the second time.


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