Magdy Sobhi retracts his decision to retire from art: “Wait for me soon in a huge work.”


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The artist, Magdy Sobhi, brother of the artist, Mohamed Sobhi, announced his withdrawal from the decision to retire from art, which he had taken during the last period, indicating that his retreat was due to a wave of anger and objection from the public to the decision.

Magdy Sobhi wrote through his personal account on the social networking site Facebook: “My friends, my colleagues, my loved ones, in a moment of anger at me and a real emotion, which is presented from dramatic works that are not worthy of the original Egyptian art, I announced my retirement from art, and after that I received a wave of anger from you and an objection from you about my position. You said that the decision to retire must be reversed, and out of respect for you, I decided not to retire from art.

He added: “I thank you for your words that entered my sentimental, mind and heart. I thank you for your rare love for me at this time, and I also thank the critics from the press and media for their words of respectful meaning, and I thank my fellow artists who showered me with their sincere love towards me. Thank you all for this sincere love from your hearts.” .

He concluded by saying: “I say to your honor, wait for me very soon in a huge theatrical work directed by a great and distinguished director, a great and distinguished author and distinguished senior actors very soon. Your prayers.”


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