Mahmoud El-Meligy.. His death put the “Ayoub” team in trouble, and thus Ahmed Zag was saved


06:19 PM

Sunday 06 June 2021

I wrote – Mona El Mougy:

After filming only four or five scenes in his movie “Ayoub”, he breathed his last, in a dramatic scene that shocked the audience and the film makers, including director Hani Lashin, who was presenting his first directing experience, and agreed to be nominated for the role, convinced of the importance of his first work including an artist of its value. However, fate did not give him much time, as the great artist Mahmoud El-Meligy died, before he finished filming his remaining scenes.

Lashin told the technical bulletin launched by the Luxor African Film Festival in its tenth session, dedicated to the spirit of the great artist, that El-Meligy’s death caused a great crisis for him, and he found that the best solution to get out of this predicament was to transform the remaining scenes of El-Meligy into telephone scenes, in which the voice of a copy appears. A copy of the late artist, and here the idea of ​​using the artist Ahmed Zaki came to him.

Lashin describes (Al-Meligy) as being a light breeze in the plateau, and about him he says, “He was a refined, authentic and calm person, without problems or unusual or even ordinary requests, deep culture and few words, and I felt that he was one of the wise,” adding about him as an actor in front of The camera “Al-Meligy’s performance was magical, with him you feel that his body speaks the dialogue.”

Al-Meligy’s death, the hero of the work, Omar Sharif, told it in an old TV interview for the Nile Cinema channel, saying, “He died in my hands, we had filming at ten in the morning, in the nightclub in the pyramid, I arrived with no workers, no electricians, no exit, or anyone, and then Mahmoud arrived Al-Meligy, although he was working all night, died from a lot of work he did in the last while he was an old man, he sat with me, and by saying that you are the only man who came to even the workers, no one among them, he made a voice that I remember laughing and moving after him, I sat calling people in the street, come see the professor Mahmoud El-Meligy is tired, they told me that he died, my beloved was dying in him, and he was one of the greatest actors in the history of Egypt.”

With a story whose features differ in some of its features, director Hani Lashin recounted the scene of El-Meligy’s death, in an old meeting, saying, “We sat on a table, prepared before filming the scene. We drank coffee and the last chapter of his life began. Suddenly he started saying to Omar: This life is very strange. One sleeps and wakes up and sleeps and wakes up and sleeps. And he started snoring, and we were seeing this wonderful acting, and we started laughing. Omar said, “Salvation, Mahmoud.”

Scriptwriter Mamdouh El-Leithi said, “I discovered that Mahmoud El-Meligy died. I carried him on my shoulder and went to his house in Zamalek, and the elevator was out of order, and I took him five floors to his wife’s upper apartment, Jamil, and I told them that he was just a little tired, and we put him on the bed without knowing that he was dead.”

Mahmoud El-Meligy died on June 6, 1983, leaving a huge balance of cinematic works, including: The Earth, Waheez, Prince of Revenge, For You a Day, Unjust, Captain Egypt, Days and Nights, newspaper precedents, For a woman, Sunset and Sunrise, and Nasser Salahuddin .


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