Martian dust prevents NASA’s “Insight” probe from operating on the planet… Know the details


Is this the end of NASA’s Insight probe on Mars? The probe struggles to conserve energy during its exploration of Mars, as dust accumulates on its solar panels, which could lead to the end of its mission in less than a year, as the US space agency announced, that 80% of solar panels are obstructed by dust, it was hoped that the winds would clean the probe and allow It has to continue collecting seismic data on its mission.

Earlier this month, NASA tried to remove dust from the top of the Insight platform using the robotic arm of the lander, which was dripping sand near a solar panel in the hope that the wind would carry away the panel dust.

Much of the panels are covered in dust and that some of the probe’s instruments should be paused, said Bruce Banerdt, the Ensign’s principal investigator at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

InSight landed on Mars on November 26, 2018 and is designed to last 687 (Martian) days on the Red Planet after landing.

The mission was over two years old, but NASA extended the mission until 2022, tasking the probe with analyzing seismic activity on Mars.

However, Insight wasn’t so lucky with the flow of Martian winds, but the NASA ground team tried other ways to clean up the rover.

The first time he used the robotic arm increased power output by 25 to 30 watt-hours, and the second and third attempts provided a temporary increase.


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