Medhat Shalaby: Ramadan Sobhi in Al-Ahly did not know how to walk in the street


Medhat Shalaby confirmed that Ramadan Sobhi changed his level in Pyramids from what he was in Al-Ahly, in the Red Castle, he did not know to walk in the street because of the crowds and take pictures with him, which is not happening in the current period.

Shalaby said, on the evening program On Time on Ontime Sport 2: “Ramadan Sobhi, his problem is not being free from Al-Ahly’s T-shirt, and when he was a player in Al-Ahly, he could not walk in the street, so he did not allow changing the color of the T-shirt to affect you.”

Shalaby added that Ramadan Sobhi is a big metal football player and has potential, so he should not be affected by the Al-Ahly shirt, He concluded his speech by saying: “If I were a technical manager in the Olympic team friendly, I would change Ramadan with another player.”


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