Menna Arafas fiance is unique!


The young Egyptian actress, Menna Arafa, announced her engagement to Mahmoud Al-Mahdi, after the engagement of her ex-boyfriend, YouTuber Ali Al-Ghazlan.

She did not talk about her relationship with Mahmoud before announcing the engagement, and some believed that she said so in order to enrage her lover Ali, who chose another young woman from outside the artistic community, which prompted her to delete all their photos together on the social media, and so did he.

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She lives the happiest days of her life with him, but from time to time he publishes their pictures together and writes silly comments, and he may think of himself as “digested”, but he is far from “digestion” or wit, even though he is beautiful and has a high charisma that befits him.

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And this time he wrote a comment: “May God make my name on your card very soon,” to respond to him: “Long life, God willing, my love.”

Before this comment, he had written: “May God collect my clothes and your clothes in one washing machine.”

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Perhaps Mahmoud is not good at romance and does not know how to express it, or he is trying to shed light on him in a way that is not worthy of him or his actress fiancee.

Mahmoud is unique in terms of romance and comments. We did not find someone who writes like him or expresses his way. Opinions were divided about him. Some said he was showing off, while others said that he was joking with his fiancee and that he had the right to write whatever he wanted without anyone’s interference.

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Males in our Arab world have not learned romance, but they believe that their relationship with women or girls should be serious and they conceal their romance and expressions in their hearts, unlike men in the West who are usually more romantic than women.


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