Menna Shalaby is the most searched for on Google after the adoption of the child Younes, Madam


star occupied Minnah Shalabi The most searched lead on Google in Egypt, after the presentation of the new episode of the series “Les La” Part Two, and appeared in it and decided to adopt the child Younes to compensate for the delay in her marriage and deprive her of feelings of motherhood.

Minnah Shalabi
Menna Shalaby with her adopted son Younes (photo from the Les La series Facebook page)

And the interaction of a large number of platform audience Shahid With the events of the series, which achieved great success and high viewing rates, as it included new ideas that attracted the attention of the viewer, in addition to the great praise for the role of the artist, Menna Shalaby, which was completely different from the character of Amina Khalil, who starred in the first part of the same series and embodied the character of a rebellious girl who ran away From the marriage the night of her marriage.

In the second part, the series discusses the crisis of spinsterhood, delayed pregnancy and marriage, and the issue of adopting a child from the orphanage to live with an ophthalmologist who is over the age of thirty and her marriage was delayed. In the series, she faces a rejection from her family because of adopting this child and considering it as a barrier between her and the realization of the idea of ​​marriage, while addressing Legitimate jurisprudence on the idea of ​​adoption.

The series includes new tales about women’s crises in Eastern society, the suffering they are exposed to by their husbands, and harassment situations in public places.

The series is co-starring alongside Menna Shalaby and Ahmed Hatem, Firas Saeed, Donia Maher, Maha Abu Auf, Murad Makram, Mona Ahmed Zaher, and others, and the work is written by Maryam Naoum, directed by Maryam Abu Auf.

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