Mido talks about Zamalek’s negotiations with his “son”


Ahmed Hossam “Mido”, the former Zamalek club player and coach, expressed his happiness at the White Castle’s request to include his son Ali from the ranks of Wadi Degla.

Mido said, during an interview with MBC Egypt: “There is no money between us and Zamalek, and it is an honor for us as a family that the Zamalek club is interested in Ali. You know our relationship with the Zamalek club, his grandfather, may God have mercy on him, and I played and trained the Zamalek club, and it is an honor for us to have interest from the Zamalek club in Ali.”

And Mido continued, saying: “Yesterday evening, I was surprised by the matter through the officials of the Tigris Valley, through a call from the club’s president, Maged Sami, who is outside Egypt and wants to sit with me after his return from abroad, and I told him that I had a dream that my son would achieve what I did not achieve in Zamalek Club. He is a businessman in the end. He is looking for the interest of his club, and I will sit with Majed Sami and see what happens, but I told him that I dream of having my son in Zamalek.”

And the former Zamalek player and coach continued: “I was letting Ali find his way so that no mediator would be called, and he is a professional player and interested in the ball, and the most important thing he has is the ball interested in his sleep and nutrition, and he has a very great professionalism, and he has the advantage that he can learn from his father’s mistakes. He is a very special player, but the key with him is he can Success is through diligence and sincerity, and he lives for the ball only, which is what I tell him, but you cannot predict what will happen. We used to see distinguished children and did not succeed in growing up and vice versa. Professionalism and sincerity is the key to success. I hope he is a professional with his mentality to reach something good.

When asked about his position if Al-Ahly requested the inclusion of his son, Mido replied, “I am a great Zamalek and I respect Al-Ahly and Al-Ahly’s professionalism. His grandfather was in the Zamalek club and I was in Zamalek, so he could not join, and I respected Al-Ahly and respected his connection and success and my son Zamalek.”

Mido enumerated the advantages of his son, saying: “He is the number nine (9), a fast and leading striker. He is a very good player, praise be to God. He has an advantage that may be better than me. His mentality is better than me at his age. I try to implant that professionalism and mentality is the most important, with a dream that he plays at the best level now. I hope he plays In favor of Zamalek and achieve what I did not achieve as a player in Zamalek, I am happy and honored with the interest of Zamalek in my son and what pleased me that the matter is far from me after they followed him in several matches between them two matches against Zamalek, and then they asked him, knowing that he was Mido’s son and happy that the communication between Zamalek and the Tigris was far from me.

Mido concluded his statements by saying: “I used to think that if Zamalek wanted to include one of my sons, let him ask him, and I would not take him to Zamalek, and this is what I learned from Captain Hamada Imam, may God have mercy on him, and I see that when the club asks for a player from abroad, whoever enters the club is great, which is what happened when Zamalek asked Hazem Imam is from the Shooting Club, and I used to put this example in front of me that one of my sons would join Zamalek at the request of the club.


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