Mido: The Zamalek administration consulted me in the Sassi crisis


Ahmed Hossam “Mido”, former player and coach of Zamalek club, confirmed that the current management of the White Castle had consulted him in the crisis of renewing the contract with Tunisian Ferjani Sassi, the team’s player.

Mido indicated, in statements to the Sada Al-Balad channel, that the Zamalek administration must tell the team’s fans about the financial and investment situation in the White Castle, which he described as “a failure.”

In response to the question, “Did the Zamalek administration consult you in the new crisis for Sassi?” Mido replied: “Yes.”

And he continued: “The current Zamalek administration must be completely frank with the fans regarding the renewal with Ferjani Sassi. I am aware of everything that is going on in the White Castle in terms of contracts for players, their budget, and in numbers.”

He added: “The budget of the first football team in Zamalek is 365 million pounds, which is a very large number, for example, Al-Ahly’s budget for players ranges from 230 to 285 million pounds, meaning that the White Castle is in second place in Egypt after Pyramids.”

And he added: “It is impossible for any investor to enter the Zamalek club now, because his investment and financial situation is failing. The salaries of players and coaches must be reduced by at least 30%, that is, they must reach a natural number of 220 million pounds.”

He explained: “Now the situation is not normal in Zamalek. Why? Because Turki Al-Sheikh was paying a large part of the contracts and salaries of the players, and the fans of Zamalek must be aware of this, the budget should not exceed in any way the amount of 220 million pounds.”

He concluded: “Zamalek is currently owed 250 million pounds. Why? Because of the great neglect of cases and the lack of interest in them and the failure to send lawyers for years, and the current administration must announce this to the masses.”

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