Mohamed Hilal receives 4 offers from the league clubs


Mohamed Hilal, player received تلقى Wadi Degla Club4 offers from Premier League clubs to leave his team, which is currently suffering from the specter of relegation, at the end of the current season.

A source close to the player revealed that the four offers do not include Al-Ahly or Zamalek, explaining that Mohamed Hilal is waiting for an offer from the two poles to leave the Dajlawi club, which he has played for since he was 10 years old.

The source explained that Hilal associated with the Tigris With a long contract that is respected by both parties, stressing that the player’s departure will be through the Tigris Valley gate and the legitimate negotiations between the two parties.

In a related context, the management of Wadi Degla Club refused to discuss offers to sell the team’s players to the Premier League clubs due to the team’s tense situation after entering the conflict zone for relegation this season.

A source in Wadi Degla Club told “The Seventh Day” that a large number of young players received offers from big teams in the league, but the administration refused to discuss them so that the players would not lose their focus during the sensitive period that the Tigris is experiencing this season.

The source added: “It is not in our interest now to talk about offers and players departure, we play on one goal, which is to stay in the league, and we hope that the players will be as confident in the coming period.”

The Tigris players have long contracts with the club, and the only player whose contract expires at the end of this season is Salah Amin, the team’s striker.


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