Mohamed Ibrahim, a ceramica player, flirts with Zamalek: “We will gather from Tani.”


hint Mohamed Ibrahim is a ceramics toy maker, To his desire to return again to Zamalek, where Ibrahim re-published a picture of him via Instagram with Shikabala, the current Zamalek leader, and the Ceramica playmaker published the picture with a comment: “God willing, we will gather from again” with Zamalek’s emoji and love.


Earlier, Mohamed Ibrahim revealed his club’s ambitions for the Premier League this season, stressing that every match that Ceramica enters seeks to win, and we aspire to end the season in a distinguished position that gives us the opportunity to appear in Africa, we know that it is very difficult, but we are tired and doing everything we can“.

And Mohamed Ibrahim said in televised statements, “My relationship with Saleh Jumaa is wonderful, as he is a great player and useful for any team. We need time for harmony, and stability in the club gives us a good opportunity to show our capabilities, especially since the team includes a distinguished group of players“.

Joker Ceramica confirmed that “Ahmed Yasser Rayan is a great addition to Ceramica, as he is a top scorer and a player who feels responsible, and all the people in the club love him because he is diligent and was able to score 7 goals in 10 matches, and we expect him to have more in the upcoming matches.”“.

Regarding Zamalek, Mohamed Ibrahim said, “I won three championships with Zamalek in my last season, although I did not participate constantly, but I faced great pressure, and Zamalek will remain my home and the owner of the credit for me and the reason for my brilliance and I lived inside it all the years and days of my life and I am still in contact with its players, especially Shikabala and Jensh, and I know that the issue of my return is a technical matter related to the administration and the technical staff, and the players have no income“.

Ibrahim continued, “I am currently focused with Ceramica, and any offer will be through the club, and I want to present a special season, as I did with the clearing.”“.

On his expectations for Zamalek in the CAF Champions League, Mohamed Ibrahim said, “Losing and drawing in the first two matches is not the end.“.


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