Mohamed Ramadan brings director Mohamed Sami back into the spotlight after the crisis of his suspension in the song “Thabet”?


Mohamed Ramadan He returns to release a new song titled “Thabit”, after the success of his latest series, “Musa”, which was shown last Ramadan. The Egyptian star is cooperating for the second time with director Mohamed Sami after their first collaboration in the video clip “We’re Going to Nesher – Bam Bam”.

Mohamed Ramadan collaborates with Mohamed Sami in the clip “Thabet”

Mohamed Ramadan, through his account on “Instagram”, published a new video of the moment that moved him in order to go to shoot a video clip “Thabit”, in which he collaborates with the Egyptian director Mohamed Sami, and this is the second cooperation between Ramadan and Sami after their first success in the video clip world with the song “We are going to sleep.” – Bam Bam, which was launched in January 2020 and achieved great success in terms of views on its official YouTube channel.

Muhammad Ramadan wrote a comment on the video, in which he said: “Good morning, I am on my way to shoot the clip (Thabit), directed by Muhammad Sami, after (Al-Ostoura), (Al-Prince) and (Bam Bam). Posted by Mohamed Ramadan, more than 800,000 views.

Mohamed Ramadan with his youngest daughter before filming the clip “Thabet”

Muhammad Ramadan drew attention in the video he published with the appearance of his youngest daughter “Kinz” with him while he was going to shoot, which raised many questions about the possibility of her appearing in the video clip “Thabit”, to repeat the experience of the appearance of his eldest daughter Hanin in the video clip “Aladdin’s Lamp”, which was presented For the first time last January, it achieved millions of views, as Hanin appeared with her father in more than one scene in the clip.

During the past few days, Muhammad Ramadan had published more than one photo that he gathered with his children through his account on “Instagram”, after the end of his period of preoccupation with filming the series “Musa”, where Muhammad Ramadan wrote a comment on the photo he published: “May God protect my children and protect you your children,” and he interacted Many of his colleagues in the artistic community with the pictures he published.

Mohamed Ramadan with his daughter Kenz

Renewed cooperation between Mohamed Ramadan and Mohamed Sami

Muhammad Ramadan’s cooperation with director Muhammad Sami comes after the latter’s crisis, which was revealed by the United Media Services Company, which suspended cooperation with him after his work in the series “The Offspring of the Strangers” during the last Ramadan season and the criticism that affected him and the series, and the media, Basma Wahba, surprised the audience by publishing A picture of Muhammad Sami with Muhammad Ramadan and announced the return of cooperation between them in the upcoming Ramadan season, and commented on the picture and said: “Muhammad Ramadan and Muhammad Sami together, Ramadan 2022, and the eye of the envious in it is a promise,” before the image was deleted after the suspension decision, which increased the controversy about Muhammad Sami. Who collaborated with Ramadan in several dramatic works, the latest of which was the series “Al-Prince” and “Al-Ostoura”.


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