Mohamed Salah promotes Egyptian tourism in 5 exciting scenes.. Photo video


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Mohamed Salah, captain of the national team and the Liverpool team, has always been a great watcher, whether inside or outside the green rectangle, since the end of the English Premier League, and Mohamed Salah granted the summer vacation, and the international player moves between two to three days on the beloved beaches of Egypt, to activate and promote the Egyptian tourism movement that was affected During the last period.

On the first day of his summer vacation, Mohamed Salah began posting pictures of him on his official accounts on the social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, for his presence on the beach of the new city of El Alamein, which was established during the last period with great designs until it became similar to distinguished global cities.

During his summer vacation, Mohamed Salah leads a promotional program on Egyptian tourism. After his appearance on the beach in the new city of El Alamein, the Egyptian star, the captain of the Liverpool team, did not stop publishing pictures of this beach, but he used to publish daily his photos, whether with his younger brother “Nasser”, or his fans. , which extinguished excitement on the pictures of Mohamed Salah, especially on social networking sites.

Mohamed Salah, a few days ago, left the two beaches, heading to the city of Hurghada and renovating the El Gouna beach, and before arriving at the Red Sea, he published pictures while he was in the vicinity of the pyramids, one of Egypt’s most important tourist and archaeological landmarks in the history of ancient and modern Egypt, which was considered by the pioneers of the social media as a new promotion for the landmarks. Ancient Egypt.

Mohamed Salah arrives in Hurghada and takes many pictures in the city of El Gouna, which is one of the most important tourist attractions in Egypt in recent times, especially after holding art festivals over the past two years. The captain of the national team and Liverpool, just posting his pictures on social networking sites, positive comments and interactions are poured out on the pictures of the Egyptian star, which increases the publicity for Egyptian tourism in a positive and distinctive way.

Mohamed Salah, always keen to take pictures when he is at sea, and as he did on the beach of the new city of El Alamein, he also did a few hours ago and showed the shore of the Red Sea, which is characterized by the picturesque city, El Gouna, which angered followers on social networking sites.]

Mohamed Salah, not only promoted Egyptian tourism this year, but every year and every vacation he can get from his Liverpool team, the Egyptian star visits Egyptian beaches and spends his vacation, and in the following video, which was published last year, we find that Salah is always trying to promote Egyptian tourism, especially And that the video shows the voices of a number of foreigners chanting the name of the Egyptian star who responded to them.


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