Mohamed Samir: No player in the league is worth more than 10 million pounds


Mohamed Samir, the defender of the Arab Contractors, criticized the Football Association’s decision to make the current suspension period, which is close to a month, saying: “A long pause, we have to train in two periods a day, we lost the sensitivity of the matches, and the league had to continue during the current stopping period.”

Samir said, in televised statements on ON Time Sports 2.: “There are players in the league that have no place in football, and by taking imaginary numbers, the stars of Al-Ahly’s golden generation such as Barakat and his companions, their salaries were one million pounds per season, and they won many championships, and currently the player does not understand football and receives millions.”

The Arab Contractors defender added: “There is no player in the league worth more than 10 million pounds, and I am surprised by the numbers we hear, and one of the best achievements made by the current generation of Arab Contractors is the return to African participation after an absence of 15 years.”

He continued: “This season’s league championship is difficult for everyone, it is still a long way to go, but I think that Al-Ahly will decide the competition as usual, because it has all the necessary ingredients for that.”

Regarding the decline of the wolves this season, Mohamed Samir revealed that the reasons for the decline in the level of contractors are the departure of Al-Jaziri, Taher and Shukri Najib, which negatively affected the team, in addition to the pressure of the competition matches.

And Mohamed Samir addressed a speech to Ramadan Sobhi, the Pyramids player who moved from the Red Castle at the beginning of this season, saying: “Whoever rejects Al-Ahly because the money remains “Behraj” .. Whoever leaves Al-Ahly is Betfi.”

And the star of Wolves of the Mountain concluded: “If Zamalek was in the place of Sassi, you would refuse to renew, you would create a sedition inside the dressing room.”


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