Moment by moment.. Olympic team 1-0 South Africa.. Mustafa Mohamed


07:59 PM

Thursday 10 June 2021

Cairo – Masrawy:

Dear “Masrawy” visitors, follow the moment by moment coverage of the main events of the Olympic national team to face South Africa, which is being held as part of the preparation stage for participation in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

The formation was as follows:

Goalkeeper: Mohamed Sobhi.

Defense lines: Karim Al-Iraqi – Osama Jalal – Mohamed Abdel Salam – Mohamed Abdel Moneim – Ahmed Abu Al Fotouh.

Midfield: Akram Tawfik – Ramadan Sobhi – Ibrahim Adel

Attack: Ahmed Yasser Rayan – Mustafa Mohamed

kick off the match

The national team advanced in the 18th minute with a cross sent by Ibrahim Adel from the right of the field, around which Mustafa Mohamed headed a goal.

Mostafa Mohamed scored the second goal in the 53rd minute after receiving the ball from Ahmed Fattouh to hit the goal.

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