Mona Zaki raises controversy on the social media for this reason .. Watch


The artist, Mona Zaki, published a picture of her on her personal and official account, on the social networking site Instagram, and she appeared with a charming and gentle look, and appeared with well-groomed hair and an attractive and very thin makeup.

Mona Zaki wrote a comment on the photo and said, “Who did a moon makeup for himself, and the photo received many comments from her followers to express their admiration for this look.”

On the other hand, the artist Mohamed Henedy, in cooperation again with the artist Mona Zaki, will return to the cinema screens through the film Al-Jawaherji, and this will be the second artistic cooperation between them in 23 years.

Recently, the artist, Reem Mustafa, joined the list of the heroes of the film Al-Jawaherji, which includes the film’s heroes, Muhammad Henedy, Mona Zaki, and Aser Yassin, and Reem is scheduled to start preparing for her role in the film during the coming period.

Al-Gawharaji movie, starring Mohamed Henedy. I accept ZakiAnd Aser Yassin, written by Omar Taher, directed by Islam Khairy, and produced by Walid Sabry, and it is reported that Henedy missed the cinema almost 4 years ago.

Although Henedy finished filming the movie The Man and the Mongoose and the movie King Size, but it has not been shown until this time, while Mona Zaki’s last cinematic experience, through the movie The Black Box, was released last year.


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