Mortada Mansour reveals a surprise about Sassi… and sends a message to “Abu Ela”


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Mortada Mansour, the former president of Zamalek club, launched an attack on Mohamed Abu El-Ela, the former Zamalek player and the current media figure on the club’s channel.

Mortada Mansour said in exclusive statements to “Al-Masry Al-Youm” that Muhammad Abul-Ela “after he failed in production and fell a resounding fall, became known as those who caused the establishment of the club channel.”

Mansour continued: “The Zamalek channel, which Abu Al-Ala Farhan, is sitting in, although the one who is famous for it is the one who created it and fulfilled the dream of millions of Zamalek fans.”

Mansour questioned Abul-Elas statements and said: “I will publish the statement that came out of the club, in which the respected elected council, which was suspended with a conspiracy, and which confirms that all players had dues not exceeding 7 million pounds, including Sassi’s dues, Abul-Ela.”


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