Mortada Mansour’s Facebook page closed


10:38 PM

Tuesday 08 June 2021

Cairo – Masrawy:

The pioneers of the social networking site “Facebook” were surprised by the closure of the page of Mortada Mansour, the former president of Zamalek, as his followers were unable to interact with it.

Followers were unable to find Mortada Mansour’s Facebook page through search engines.

Mortada Mansour’s page was marked with authentication and had a huge number of followers.

The reason for closing the page has not been announced or revealed yet, as the followers wondered whether it was he who closed it or the Facebook administration who did so.

It is noteworthy that the Administrative Court of Justice recently canceled the Olympic Committee’s decision to freeze Mortada Mansour for a period of 4 years and remove him from the presidency of the White Castle.

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