Mostafa Qamar celebrates his wife’s birthday: “With you, I love everything with you.” Photos


The star, Mustafa Qamar, celebrated his wife’s birthday, sending her a romantic message through his account on the “Instagram” website, where he published a group of photos that brought them together, accompanied by a comment: “Happy birthday, my beautiful, sweet wife with you. I love everything and make everything beautiful. You are the gift of God, praise be to God.” The photos received an interaction as soon as they were published by his followers, including the star Ahmed Zaher, where he commented: “Every year, it is good, my love, and may God grant you some longevity.”

Mostafa Qamar and his wife
Mostafa Qamar and his wife

Mostafa Amar
Mostafa Amar

The star, Mostafa Qamar, confirmed in statements to “The Seventh Day” that he is betting on the song “Crowded Days” scheduled to be released today, Thursday, which brings him together with his friends, star Hamid Al Shaeri, Ihab Tawfiq and Hisham Abbas, and considers it an important step in his singing career, especially as it brings together the friends of his generation who have a strong friendship .

The song carries human meanings and describes a social situation that touches many segments of society, and is in line with different generations.

The song “Crowded Days” is the last work of the late poet Sameh Al-Ajmi and composer Ashraf Salem, who are among the symbols and statures of music in an important stage in the history of Egypt, and they have many distinctive and successful works that left an imprint on the audience, and the song was distributed by young distributor Nadim Al Shaeri..

The stars of the nineties generation were enthusiastic about the song because of its high human meanings and an important message to society, in addition to their decision to dedicate the song to the spirit of the late Sameh Al-Ajmi and Ashraf Salem, especially since all of them cooperated with the deceased in many distinguished works that achieved great success in previous times.


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